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Brand Story

It was the year 1932, the De Paz family began importing fabrics from Great Britain; the famous Shetland, Cashmere, precious worsteds, Irish Donegal, Thornproof.

The De Paz family thought of transforming the fabric into a product, a product that was well characterized and necessarily modeled in a classic-sporty style outside the canons of fashion.

This fabric product, so naturally filtered, with those designs of old charm and high tradition, has brought with it the shirt, the tie, the shirt and all that ensemble of clothing that classically binds without matching.

This is a style, a specific way of dressing, not binding or dictated, but free, classic, casual.

De Paz continues this style today in an orthodox manner, even if the stimuli of fashion and fast sales are strong.

De Paz awaits you in Via Ugo Bassi 4/D and on to give you the best